Equipment For Sale

Shoring and Shielding

  • Vertical Aluminum Shores
  • Aluminum Trench Shields
  • Steel Trench Shields
  • Slide Rail Shoring Systems
Shoring and Shielding

Bedding Material Containers

PRO-TEC Stone-Savers reduce bedding material loss

PRO-TEC Stone Saver bedding material containers are designed with aggregate conservation in mind. With the Stone Saver, you confine bedding material to the container, minimizing loss of material. You also reduce traffic congestion and safety problems associated with front-end loader dumping from the edge of the trench.

Bottom and ends are formed from one continuous 1/2-in. steel plate. Weld seams and sharp edges are eliminated. Dragging in either direction is easier because both front and back bottom edges are rounded.

Bedding Material Containers

Plugs and Test Equipment

TrenchSafety and Supply is a dealer for Cherne Industries' plugs, deflection gauges, "Air-Loc" testing equipment, water line testing equipment, pipeline cleaning balls, and all needed accessories.

Plugs and Test Equipment

Confined Space Equipment

    Gas Monitors

  •     GFG Model G450 Multi-Gas Detector
  •     GFG Model G460 Multi-Gas Detector

    Fall Protection & Rescue Tripods

  •     Miller Catalog
  •     Miller Fall Protection for Utility & Telecommunications
  •     Miller Fall Protection Programs


  •     General Equipment Portable Blower
  •     General Equipment Hazardous Location Bowers
  •     General Equipment EP8HL


Confined Space Equipment

Laser and Machine Control

    General Construction

  •     Topcon LS-B100 Series
  •     Topcon RL-H4C Series
  •     Leica Rugby 600 Series

    Underground Lasers

  •     Topcon TPL4 Series

    Sloping Lasers

  •     Topcon LS-B100 Series
  •     Topcon RL-200 1S/2S
  •     Topcon RT-5SW Series
  •     Leica Rugby 600 Series

    Two-Dimensional Machine Control

  •     Topcon Motorgrader System 5
  •     Topcon Tractor-Pans
  •     Topcon Asphalt Pavers
  •     Topcon Excavator Systems

    Three-Dimensional Machine Control

  •     Topcon 3D-MC Excavator Control
  •     Topcon 3D-MC Stakeless Grading
  •     Topcon GR-5
  •     Topcon HiPer V
  •     Topcon HiPer SR
  •     Topcon Tesla Cross-over Controller
  •     Topcon FC-250
  •     Topcon Millimeter GPS
  •     Topcon Pocket 3D


Laser and Machine Control

Construction & Safety Supplies

TrenchSafety offers many supply items including hard hats, safety vests, safety glasses, barrier tape, traffic-control equipment, fall-protection equipment, vehicular strobe lights, probe rods, grade rods, tripods, measuring tapes, and more. Call (800) 865-5801 for more information.

 Construction & Safety Supplies

Survey Instruments

    Auto Levels

  •     Topcon ATB Series
  •     Leica Runner
  •     Leica Jogger

    Digital Theodolites

  •     Topcon DT200
  •     Leica Builder

    Total Stations

  •     Topcon GTS-250 Series
  •     Leica Builder


Survey Instruments