About Trench Safety and Supply, Inc.

TrenchSafety is all about solutions that help contractors and utilities work safer, more productively, and more profitably.

Utilities and contractors with problems contact TrenchSafety regularly. They may need help shoring a deep excavation, they may be having a problem with a sewer line inspection, they may want to speed-up grading on a shopping center site, or perhaps they want to improve the quality of their asphalt paving operation.

One of our contractor customers needed help with a sewer-line bore that had to pass underneath several other utilities and a roadway. The contractor’s original idea was to use trench shields, but he realized that wasn’t going to work. TrenchSafety studied the job and recommended a 32-foot-long x 12-foot-wide x 16-foot-deep slide rail shoring system, with no crossing supports. That solved the problem. TrenchSafety personnel also assisted with the installation and removal of the system. Using this system saved the contractor thousands of dollars, compared to possible alternative solutions. Even more important, the contractor completed the job safely, on time, and close to his original budget.



Melissa and David Dow, co-founders of TrenchSafety, have spent most of their professional lives in the construction equipment and materials business. Melissa’s family, in fact, has been involved in the construction industry dating back to the early 1900s.

In 1993, Melissa and David attended a trade show where they had an opportunity to talk with several shoring and shielding equipment manufacturers. When they returned to Memphis, they called on contractors, utilities, OSHA officials, as well as equipment distributors in other parts of the U. S. They quickly saw the need for a distributorship that focused on underground safety.

In June 1994, TrenchSafety and Supply, Inc. opened for business in a un-air-conditioned job trailer, with a used delivery truck and one other employee. Since then, the company has steadily grown -- in its geographic service area, its product and service offerings, and its staff.